1. General Rules
    1. Dont be a dickhead!
    2. Mate, just play to have fun. Trolling or disrupting game play is not tolerated.

    3. No Cheating
    4. Using any form of hack to give you an unfair advantage is what we call cheating. Players caught cheating will be banned (including any potential smurf accounts sharing the same ip address).

    5. No microphone spamming
    6. Including excessive use of, screaming into, playing music into/through your microphone. Players using speakers with their microphone or who have not bothered to configure their microphone properly will also be muted.

    7. No abuse or discrimination towards other players
    8. This is not tolerated what so ever and you will be punished for bad behaviour.

    9. Do not kill yourself or disconnect from a server to avoid rank points being lost
    10. Players who are caught doing this may have their rank reset and a week ban.

    11. No ghosting your team mates!
    12. Do not expose the location of your team mates to enemy team. This is part of rule one, however some people need it spelt out to them.

  2. VIP Rules
    1. Dont break the standard / server rules
    2. Any VIP players who are caught breaking any standard / server rules may have their VIP removed.